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Have Questions About Refinishing Your Deck?

We Have the Answers:

Everyone appreciates the charm and natural beauty of a classic wooden deck. But in order to maintain one, it is important to take care of the wood and properly maintain the finish. To extend the life of your outdoor living space, there are a few things you need to know about the care and preservation of your deck:

What are the benefits of maintaining the finish on my deck?

Precipitation, sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures—all things will eventually wear down the protective layer on the wood, even when it’s treated with the best varnish. Refinishing the wood is necessary for lengthening the life of your patio. The finish works as a sealant that prevents moisture from penetrating the wood, which defends it from warping and mildew damage, and protects it from the sun, preserving the color and natural beauty of your deck.

How do I tell if my deck needs refinishing?

As time passes, the dry climate and varying weather conditions will deteriorate the finish of a wooden deck. Look for spots where the color of the wood has changed and the varnish has worn off, and then try sprinkling water to see if it will absorb quickly. If it’s absorbed, it’s time for refinishing. Also, warping and cracking of the panels is a sure sign that it’s time to re-stain your desk. However, it’s important to maintain the finish on your deck even when there isn’t any apparent damage.

When should I get it refinished?

If you find that your deck must be refinished, don’t put it off until the dry winter or the intense heat of the summer. As the humidity decreases with the seasonal changes, the wood may dry out or crack, and get damaged even more. The best thing to do is to have your deck checked for any damage or wear and have it refinished before the terribly dry or hot seasons hit. Depending on the age and thickness of the wood, you may want to give the wood extra maintenance and care for it to retain its finish.

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Deck Sealing and Staining – How often?


How often should you repaint or restain your wood deck? That depends on a number of factors, such as exposure to sunlight and the kind of use and weather it gets. In order to know whether it’s time for a new coat, inspect it once the snow melts. Is it peeling? Is there any mold? Is it worn or discolored? If so, then it’s time to give a rejuvenating coat; otherwise, the wood will continue to degrade – and quickly! However, it’s important not to skip a single step. Most deck-refinishing problems are the result of poor preparation or application during the wrong kind of weather. So use the right materials to seal it. It makes all the difference.

When staining a deck, you have several choices in the type of stain to use. There are transparent stain types, semitransparent stain types, semisolid stain types and solid stains. Transparent stains will soak into the deck boards while a solid stain is more like a paint and will rest on top of the boards. The type of stain you use, as well as other factors, will greatly determine how often you need to stain your deck.

Transparent stains provide some coloration to the wood, but very little protective value. Decks with a transparent stain should be coated with a sealer to extend the life of the wood.

Semitransparent stains provide both color and protection of the wood, while still allowing some wood-grain to show through. Decks coated with a semitransparent stain should usually be recoated every year.

Solid stains are almost like a paint, and provide several years of protection for your woodwork. Rather than penetrating into the wood, they remain more on the surface, and they do not allow the natural grain of the wood to show through. Solid stains require recoating after 4-5 years, on average.

Sealers do not provide any coloration of the wood, but they protect it against moisture that causes rot and splitting. Most sealers last one cycle of seasons and should be renewed each year.

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