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Have Questions About Refinishing Your Deck?

We Have the Answers:

Everyone appreciates the charm and natural beauty of a classic wooden deck. But in order to maintain one, it is important to take care of the wood and properly maintain the finish. To extend the life of your outdoor living space, there are a few things you need to know about the care and preservation of your deck:

What are the benefits of maintaining the finish on my deck?

Precipitation, sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures—all things will eventually wear down the protective layer on the wood, even when it’s treated with the best varnish. Refinishing the wood is necessary for lengthening the life of your patio. The finish works as a sealant that prevents moisture from penetrating the wood, which defends it from warping and mildew damage, and protects it from the sun, preserving the color and natural beauty of your deck.

How do I tell if my deck needs refinishing?

As time passes, the dry climate and varying weather conditions will deteriorate the finish of a wooden deck. Look for spots where the color of the wood has changed and the varnish has worn off, and then try sprinkling water to see if it will absorb quickly. If it’s absorbed, it’s time for refinishing. Also, warping and cracking of the panels is a sure sign that it’s time to re-stain your desk. However, it’s important to maintain the finish on your deck even when there isn’t any apparent damage.

When should I get it refinished?

If you find that your deck must be refinished, don’t put it off until the dry winter or the intense heat of the summer. As the humidity decreases with the seasonal changes, the wood may dry out or crack, and get damaged even more. The best thing to do is to have your deck checked for any damage or wear and have it refinished before the terribly dry or hot seasons hit. Depending on the age and thickness of the wood, you may want to give the wood extra maintenance and care for it to retain its finish.

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How to Match Your Wood Floors to Your Personality

Do you yearn to dig your toes in the sand and let sea breezes waft through your hair? Perhaps you prefer the tinkle of crystal to the sound of the waves and you’d much rather be in black tie than swimwear. Or maybe the bright lights and art scene of the big city beckon. Whatever your taste, it’s time to revamp your tired wood flooring with finishes and stains that suit your personality.

Comfortably Natural

Painting A Victorian Style House

Victorian-style homes are treasured for their diversity, rich ornamentation and the history they bring craved in each detail. Their standout decorative extras makes Victorian houses so special. Features including different styles and designs, such as carved columns, intricate gables and gable posts, scrollwork, porch railings and spindles, brackets, ornate molding and gingerbread trim.

We had the opportunity to work on this project in Mamaroneck, NY this summer – the results are amazing. Our client worked with a color consultant and they chose to use a distinctive multi hued paint combination.

Before we started to prep, we tested to see if there was lead on the house. We did find lead and we took all the measurements necessary to make sure everyone was safe. As a painting and renovation contractor, we play an important role in helping to prevent lead exposure. Ordinary renovation and maintenance activities can create toxic lead dust that can harm our customers and workers. By being a Environmental Protection Agency Lead-Safe Certified Firm (NAT-51655-1) we follow lead-safe work practices and we can prevent lead hazards.

Check out the pictures below.

Before Pictures

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Deck Refinishing

Keeping decks looking good, can be a challenge. Outdoor living space is so special, especially during warm weather. Most of the time it’s expect that the deck would look as good as the interior of a house. Refinishing your deck every year or two reduces cracks and splinters, keeping the surface of the wood attractive and friendly to tender feet. Get your deck ready for the fresh spring weather and the hot summer days, contact us now to get your free quote.
Check out these amazing before and after photos of a project we just finished.



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Home Makeover – Before and After

Who doesn’t like to see some amazing before and after pictures? We would like to share with you, this incredible makeover project we had the pleasure to work on. We loved the final results. If you would like to give an upgrade to your home as well, give us a call now.

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Open Concept Kitchen, Dining and Living Room

We would like to inspire you with this amazing makeover from Chip and Joanna from Magnolia Market. They are so creative and are always looking to turn every room in the house into welcoming spaces. On this specific project, they made a great room rather than separated closed off spaces. Creating open spaces in your house are perfect for casual family living or easy entertaining, they are multifunctional and also fun. Let us know if you would like to have a makeover in your home as well. Contact us to get a free quote.

‘This is a modern twist on the old school ‘galley’ style kitchen a lot of us grew up with. By elongating the kitchen, adding the oversized island and the columns, this gives more than enough prep space and also bar seating.’

Adding the wrapped white beams to the ceiling, the white columns and the matching corbels added the architectural interest to these ceilings. The beams and columns also help define the kitchen apart from the dining and living space.

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Home Office Space

Working from home has become more than a trend. Having a well thought out, well laid out, organized workspace is crucial to accomplishing real work in your home office. Hard-working people deserve to have the best way to accommodate a creative and inspiring working environment in their homes. We’ve gather some pictures to inspire you. We will be happy to help you get your project done. Contact us at (800) 687-9470 to get your project out of the paper and make it a reality.

Floating desks

A dark seafoam green wall color sets a calm look for this office nook set up. The floating desk features a concrete tabletop above two white drawers. Above the workspace, wood floating shelves match the untreated wood finish of the cork board frame. Black and white text photography covers the board for a decorative twist.

Pair a small desk with a stool you can perch on when you need a break from standing, and add a few other shelves if you need room for storage.

Pop Color Wall

Choosing to paint one wall in a different color can make your room more interesting. You can really make a statement in any room, using your favorite color.

Black paint that can transform wall surfaces into creative chalkboards. Use on small sections above a wall desk or floating shelf to create a workspace without losing a whole room.

Try a beautiful wallpaper on one of the walls to give an extra charm to your home office.

Under The Stairs

You don’t need more than a few square feet to create a home office so look to that triangular niche as a place to create one in your home.

Built In Shelves

Accessorizing built-in bookcases is an art. Stacks of books, a collection of pottery and some framed prints.

Painting your built-ins to match other key design elements, such as fabric, can really make a beautiful statement.

Whatever type of work you do, it’s easy to combine professionalism and stylish details in your home office design. We hope these home office ideas have given you some inspiration to get you started!

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The Benefits of Wainscoting

Is your house in need of something more sophisticated? Dress up plain walls with stylish trims that guards against scuffs and scratches. Wainscoting is particularly well suited to rooms that take a lot of wear and tear. Besides protection, it will also give an elegant armor for your walls. Using a combination of chair rail, trim and moldings, wainscoting typically runs horizontally along the lower portion of a wall. You can use wainscoting on entries, stairs and hallways, eating areas, family rooms and dens, baths, kids’ rooms. With many options for finishing and design, this style of molding presents countless possibilities for individualizing and adding value to your home.

Get inspired with these pictures and let us know which room in your house would you decorate with wainscoting.

Types of Wainscoting

Shadow Boxes: Composed of stained or painted trim pieces, shadow boxes are a series of horizontal frames or boxes along the bottom portion of a wall, topped by chair rail and bordered by baseboard on the bottom.


Panel Molding: At a basic level, panel molding is similar to shadow boxes, except that it is composed of panels that are actually recessed behind substantial frame pieces. The artistry and craftsmanship of panel molding is superior, and their quality of depth and sophistication is greater.

Beadboard: This type of wainscoting uses panels with symmetrical vertical grooves giving a warm look to your room. Beadboard is the easiest form of wainscoting to install.


We can help you with all projects for your new home or renovate your current home. We provide fine carpentry services and many more. We would be happy to help you with any repainting or redecoration project you have in mind.

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Remodel Your Kitchen

Out of all the rooms in a house, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you are preparing meals for your family, having a quick breakfast, packing snacks for the kids or chatting with a good friend all night long, having a beautiful and warming kitchen would make a lot of difference. We would like to share with you some ideas of kitchens that could give your home an upgrade and make every moment spent there, unforgettable. Check out some of our make overs and also other looks that can inspire you to give your kitchen a face lift.

kitchen0 A touch of blue with amazing wood plank ceiling

kitchen-12 All white with glass cabinet doors

kitchen-pop-color Making everyday brighter with pop colors

kitchen-6-blk Navy blue cabinets with designed floors

kitchen-7 Light grey cabinets

kitchen 13 Black and White

kitchen-15 Ivory cabinets

kitchen-11 For those who love blue

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Window Shutters

Ever wonder how to make the exterior of your home look more sophisticated? Well, one of our clients was extremely satisfied with the results of this new addition to their house, exterior shutters. Take a look at these amazing before and after pictures and contact us to help upgrade your house.

Here is a little more information about the different styles of shutters. First, Louvered shutters which have angled slats that allow air and light to pass through. Second, Board and batten or Bnb, they’re one-to-three boards held together with a thin cross panel, which can go horizontally or at an angle across the shutters. Third, Bahama shutters, also known as Bermuda shutters, are louvered shutters, typically fixed at the top of the window (instead of the sides). Used to let in light and air, they also protect homes from storms and are typically used in tropical regions. Lastly, the one you see in the pictures,the timeless shutter design the raised panel shutter. Unlike other types of shutters, paneled shutters can completely block outside light, making them ideal summer energy savers for homes with little natural shade.

Shutters Before picture.

Shutters 3 Raised panel shutters add a traditional colonial look to your home.

Shutters 2 Before picture.

Shutters 4 The dark paint choice offers a dramatic contrast to the window frame.

Shutters 7 These shutters are made of cedar wood, we recommend this type of wood if you want to paint them.

Shutters 6 These shutters hinges add an extra beauty to the whole look.

Shutters 5 The final result!

Decorative raised panel shutter installations can provide instant curb appeal to your home and give it a touch of elegance. If you would also like to have this look at your house, please contact or call us today at 1-800-687-9470 to help your home become even more beautiful.

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