From Our Clients

Miriam K.

I reached out to them due to their excellent reviews on various websites. The Angie’s list coupon sweetened the deal. Excellent job and you can’t beat their price – even without the Angie’s Coupon. Rodrigo was incredibly responsive and even when he was going to be 10 mins late he would call. He fit me in last minute as he knew there was an important event we were hosting at our home the following week. They were detail oriented and very professional. They will be getting more calls from me in the future – undoubtedly.

Joseph L.

We have used Palette Pro over the last several years from small painting and drywall jobs to major renovation. They have always been responsive, professional, and friendly.

Silvia C.

They painted 6 rooms plus the staircase which was very difficult, plus all the doors and windows, in the heat of the summer It was just a terrific experience. There were 2 guys that came everyday from 8 to 5, they moved everything around for us. They took out all the air conditions and put them back in. They disconnected all the TV’s and reconnected them. The stairs because of the high ceilings was most difficult but they just did it quietly never complaining. They were cordial and polite and the head of the job came by everyday to make sure that it was going smoothly and there were no complaints. They cleaned everything up afterwards, very neat and orderly. We waited 10 years to paint because it’s just a horrible experience but this went very smoothly.

Marianne L.

Palette pro was very professional – they were thorough in their job and cleaned up afterwards. One of my shutters came off a few days after the job was done but after making a phone call to them they were there immediately to fix it. They did a wonderful job and I am completely satisfied with their work. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a good paint job.

Thaddeus S.

Palette Pro was always punctual. They provided an estimate in writing. Work was scheduled for a few months later when I’d be out of town. They kept me up to date with regular emails with photos of progress. Upon my return, they made a few finishing touches after my inspection. Rodrigo and his crew left my apartment absolutely clean — mopped up and ready to live in again.

Mike K

I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Palette Pro. We started out just contracting them to paint a few rooms, but we were so happy that we kept adding and adding and adding more jobs to the list. Everything has come out exactly as expected, most times even better! Rodrigo has always been professional, prompt, responsive and patient with all of my questions and addons. He’s accommodated every single request, even getting his crews to work on Sunday so they could deliver on time. Speaking of his crew, they’ve all been extremely pleasant and professional. The work areas have been cleaned every day and when they finish a room, I can hardly tell they were working in there.I would recommend this company to anyone who asked.

Diane L.

This company is a pleasure to deal with! They are courteous, prompt, and professional. All the work was performed with excellence and I was very satisfied with the results.

Louise L.

On time, neat, thorough. Did a great job. I would use them again and recommend to others.

Victor R

I have never received this level of service from the dozens of different painters we’ve worked with over the years. They have a customer for life.

Thaddeus S.

Great quality, service, and attention to detail. The job consisted of painting all interior surfaces for around 2200 sq ft home. I met with 5 painters to quote the job. I choose Palette Pro because Rodrigo (the owner) seemed to have a great customer service approach, I liked the description of the quality level to which they would do the job, he, and the quote was a great value. All proved to be true throughout the job and I am extremely happy with the experience and result. As it says on Palette Pro’s company car, “expect the best; accept nothing less.” This statement accurately describes Palette Pro’s approach from start to finish. I very highly recommend them!!!