Meet The Team

At Palette Pro Painting & Renovation, we believe that a dedicated staff makes a true difference in over all quality when it comes to customer service and workmanship.


Rodrigo Vasconcellos


Rodrigo graduated from St. John’s University with a B.S. in Communications. Starting in his early teens, Rodrigo worked on weekends and during summer breaks painting and renovating homes. From painting victorian style homes in Brooklyn to replacing siding on colonial homes in Westchester County; Rodrigo gained his knowledge by working with his father, a master carpenter with well over twenty years of experience. While attending St. John’s University, Rodrigo used his experience and entrepreneurial attitude to build his own clientele. Little did he know that his dedication in building excellent client relationships and providing quality results would be the start of Palette Pro. Soon after graduating, Rodrigo started Palette Pro Painting & Renovation with the goal of providing a higher level of quality and customer service that is scarce in this industry.

Rodrigo credits his success to the basic principles of honesty, integrity, and excellence in customer service. He greatly values family ties and trust, which lead him to bring on board his brother-in-law, Rafael Ventura. Rafael was a key player and now holds the title of VP at Palette Pro. Rodrigo’s wife, Priscilla Vasconcellos, has also lent her talents and skills to the advancement of Palette Pro since the start with her expertise in business administration.

Rodrigo is a dedicated husband and father. He is passionate about traveling and loves to experience new places and cultures. Additionally, he is an avid musician and plays piano at his local church regularly. He also enjoys playing soccer and mountain biking.


Rafael Ventura

Vice President

Rafael graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science. He has been tinkering with home renovations since his teenage years as he worked summer vacations at his father’s home improvement company. When he began working at Palette Pro, Rafael was the first Project Manager and Estimator to join the team. In that role he greatly contributed to the growth and success of the company by restructuring the sales and marketing process. Therefore, it came at no surprise when brother-in-law, Rodrigo asked him to become VP of Palette Pro Painting & Renovation. During his tenure with the company, Rafael has come to excel in customer service, project management and business management. Outside of his dedication to Palette Pro, Rafael is a soccer fanatic, travel enthusiast, GRAMMY Award-winning Sound Restoration participant and loving husband.