Epoxy Floor Coating

Using an epoxy floor coating on your garage floor is a beautiful and functional home improvement. An epoxy floor coating will eliminate unsightly stains and damage, while also protecting your floor from further damage due to road salts and regular wear. A floor epoxy is also a great way to add livable, functional space onto your home while increasing its curb-appeal. The finish that our customers select all depends on their personal preference and budget.

Our team of experienced technicians will first prepare the concrete surface using our diamond grinding process. Your floor will then be coated with an epoxy coating that will stand up to years of wear. There are many options available including our decorative chip system, solid color system or a metallic finish system.

Our epoxy coating systems can be applied anywhere you park or drive your vehicle. Our systems easily create colors and mottled patterning that cannot be achieved with any other flooring or staining processes and can be applied to match virtually any surrounding architecture or design.

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