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Add Fresh Color and Style To Your Kitchen

Looking to liven up your culinary space? The kitchen is one of the most used and loved areas of the home and a new paint job can freshen up your look. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of three ways to add fresh color to your kitchen and make it stand out.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Single color kitchen cabinets are the most common and they are a good choice if blended in with the rest of the kitchen. However, two-tone kitchen cabinets are more attractive and make a great visual impact. This is a wonderful way to update your cabinets, and add a dash of fun. Sleek, white upper cabinets to brighten the space show a sophisticated look when paired with dark grey or black lower cabinets. Take a matte paint to your cabinets for a more rustic look. This softer look will offer a look of natural relaxation in your kitchen.

Set The Island Apart

If painting your cabinets two different colors isn’t the look for you, why not focus on your island? Contrasting islands are a great way to freshen the look of your kitchen and add your own personal flair. Although matching an island to surrounding cabinets and countertops creates symmetry within a kitchen, using different colors can turn an island into a beautiful focal point that complements the rest of your kitchen. Painting kitchen islands can be as relaxed or as bold as you want it to be. For a classic look, a dark grey or navy blue, with white kitchen cabinets is a great choice. However, for a truly vivid pop of color, you could always GO BOLD, like this island.

Accent Walls

An accent wall serves many useful purposes in a room. It can help define a space, bring attention to architectural details and focal points. It also adds interest and drama with vibrant color, eye-catching patterns or rich, earthy textures. If you like the traditional look of your kitchen, adding an accent wall is a quick way to brighten up your space.

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Upgrade your hardware

When it comes to a quick and easy update that makes a massive difference in the style of your kitchen, hardware ranks right at the top. It can be changed out in just a few hours, yet transforms the entire appearance and feeling of a space. Think of how the perfect necklace tops off a plain dress, or how a precisely kicked field goal can win the Superbowl. When it comes to an easy kitchen update, new hardware can transform a space from ‘blah’ to beautiful!


No matter what your option is, Palette Pro can help you get the look you want to your kitchen. If you are ready to work with a professional cabinet craftsman, please contact or call us today at 1-800-687-9470 for your in-home, no obligation appointment.



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Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore & Co. has recently revealed its Color of the Year 2020, a warm, blushy pink named First Light. It’s the company’s first time choosing a pink hue for Color of the Year, bringing the optimistic vibe that people are craving in their lives today as well as a feeling of comfort.

“It’s going to be the new decade, and we knew this was a big moment for us to do something interesting,” says Hannah Yeo, Color & Design Manager at Benjamin Moore & Co. “Today’s changing technology, environmental concerns, and cultural and economic influences are all shaping how we live. More than ever, we expect the home to provide security, comfort, community, self-expression, and optimism. So we said, what are some of the colors that would really help with that?”

With that mindset, the company was able to arrive at First Light as well as its Color Trends 2020 Palette, which consists of a selection of pastels including jade-green Crystalline AF-485; sky-blue Windmill Wings 2067-60; and sunny Golden Straw 2152-50, among others. The trend toward expressive, saturated colors signifies a departure from the more subdued Color of the Year 2019.

“Now, let’s use color to express ourselves, be a little more upbeat, and happy,” she concludes. “We all need that optimism in our lives.”

We invite you to take a look at the wonderful collection of colors that Benjamin Moore has to offer as well as scheduling an appointment with our Color Consultant to help you find the color that best fits your lifestyle.

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Open Concept Kitchen, Dining and Living Room

We would like to inspire you with this amazing makeover from Chip and Joanna from Magnolia Market. They are so creative and are always looking to turn every room in the house into welcoming spaces. On this specific project, they made a great room rather than separated closed off spaces. Creating open spaces in your house are perfect for casual family living or easy entertaining, they are multifunctional and also fun. Let us know if you would like to have a makeover in your home as well. Contact us to get a free quote.

‘This is a modern twist on the old school ‘galley’ style kitchen a lot of us grew up with. By elongating the kitchen, adding the oversized island and the columns, this gives more than enough prep space and also bar seating.’

Adding the wrapped white beams to the ceiling, the white columns and the matching corbels added the architectural interest to these ceilings. The beams and columns also help define the kitchen apart from the dining and living space.

If you need help to upgrade your home, we would love to help.

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Remodel Your Kitchen

Out of all the rooms in a house, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you are preparing meals for your family, having a quick breakfast, packing snacks for the kids or chatting with a good friend all night long, having a beautiful and warming kitchen would make a lot of difference. We would like to share with you some ideas of kitchens that could give your home an upgrade and make every moment spent there, unforgettable. Check out some of our make overs and also other looks that can inspire you to give your kitchen a face lift.

kitchen0 A touch of blue with amazing wood plank ceiling

kitchen-12 All white with glass cabinet doors

kitchen-pop-color Making everyday brighter with pop colors

kitchen-6-blk Navy blue cabinets with designed floors

kitchen-7 Light grey cabinets

kitchen 13 Black and White

kitchen-15 Ivory cabinets

kitchen-11 For those who love blue

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