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How to Brighten up a Dark Space



The obvious answer is to add windows, but we understand that the obvious answer isn’t always the right answer. Your home might be a rental, or if the space that needs brightening is in a basement, the architecture can limit what windows are possible to use.

With interior painting and design strategies in mind, here are a few ideas you might consider:

Use Light Colors – Try lighter, natural colors for a warm but bright effect. Use high gloss paint so that it reflects and amplifies light. To emphasize height in the room, paint vertical stripes; to emphasize width, paint horizontal stripes. Choose a color for the stripes that is slightly lighter than the base coat for a spacious, airy effect. Avoid dark paint colors that soak up the light. And, keep in mind that even if a certain color doesn’t look too dark in the paint store, it will appear significantly darker when applied in a room without natural light. At the same time, however, white is not a great option either because it can quickly feel stark.

Choose Lighting Carefully – Believe it or not, a single over-head actually is not always the best option. They tend to create a pool of light in the center of the room, making the outside edges feel even darker. Try track lighting! The benefit is that you can aim them in different directions, putting the light exactly where you need it.

Decorating – Glass, mirror and shiny objects help to move light around the room, whether it’s artificial or natural. If you have too many solid surfaces (wood/fabric/draperies/drywall) that absorb light, rather than reflect it, the energy in your space will feel heavy and off balance.

Create a Window – Install a focal point that imitates a window. Group panels of mirrors together in a square formation to imitate window panes or hang a small, painted trellis on your wall. Mirrors move light around the room and they also ‘act’ like windows. Adding a mirror anywhere in a dark room will help the energy flow. If you can have your mirror reflecting a light, you will double the value of the light you get! This is great for a dark dining room or bedroom with a hanging fixture. Paint your “picture window” wall a lighter shade than the other four walls, to create the impression that you’re looking outside.

Back to Nature – Simply including a live plant in your decorations will make your room feel brighter.

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Hardwood Refinishing


    Refinishing Wood Floors

No matter how much care you give to your wood floor there invariably comes a time when cleaning is just not enough to bring back the shine and lustre it had when it was new. If you look at your floor and see it as a dull shadow of its former elegant self then it’s time to do something about it. If by now you are thinking you need a new floor – chances are you don’t. All that is required is a professional wood floor refinishing job, and for the best in town for refinishing wood floors, call on Palette Pro Painting & Renovation, Inc.

    Let us take the strain of Refinishing Wood Floors

​With 10 years experience in serving homeowners and businesses in Westchester and Fairfield County we have garnered both experience and vision to enhance any age and type of hard or softwood flooring.

​Because we use only the latest hi-tech sanding equipment and hand tools, we can make sure that any work we undertake in your home or business premises is carried out with the minimum of fuss and noise. All our wood floor specialists work diligently and are as unobtrusive as possible, always mindful that they are in your home or business. Without exception the Palette Pro team works cleanly and efficiently with a minimum of upheaval.

    What is refinishing?

​Refinishing wood floors involves removing the top layer of coating, whether it is lacquer, wax, oil or varnish and then sanding thoroughly to an even and smooth finish. Often a professional eye will spot minute flaws, cracks and gaps and it is at this stage that repairs will be made before applying a new sealant. Many people take advantage of refinishing to choose a different top coat to entirely transform the look of their floor.

    Why refinish?

​In addition to giving all types of wood and parquet flooring a new lease of life, refinishing your floor will bring additional value to your home. A beautifully pristine real wood floor is a talking point in any type of room and a real selling point too. If your home has small rooms then a shiny bright wood floor instantly adds length and depth, the naked eye version of the long-lens camera. By definition a well maintained wood floor looks cleaner and more spacious that a carpeted room. Hallways especially look very elegant with wood flooring, which is why most top class hotels favor a hardwood floor foyer and reception area.

    Should I save money and do it myself?

​Unless you are a wood floor professional the short answer here is no. For any floor to look pristine the top coat in particular must be applied flawlessly, otherwise the whole appearance of the floor can be blighted. Another reason why doing it yourself is not recommended is that some floorboards may be aged and require delicate handling. At Palette Pro we are fully insured for our customers’ peace of mind.

    Don’t leave your floor to chance

​Your floor is one of the biggest assets your home possesses so don’t allow amateur workmanship to ruin your floor. When you choose Palette Pro you know all our work is guaranteed.

If you would like to arrange a no obligation visit by one of our specialist please give is a call at 800-687-9470 and we will be delighted to give you a free assessment.